Great Experience … here Flight Experience Bangkok.. Professional simulator

Posted on October 26th, 2012 by sarasinee

We would like to introduce you some place at soi convent ,Silom Road. at Flight Experience Bangkok.
Over here it is a great place for those who’s fascinated by flying a big plane.. And to be specific it is boeing 737-800 NG. This is profession simulator for a real pilot. So if you are dreaming about flying a big plane real plane .. here is the place to come!

what should you expect at Flight Experience Bangkok
- you will feel welcomed by the airport- like atmosphere.
- at the check- in counter ..stand in reception staffs — dressed in flight attendant uniform
- briefing and meet an instructor
- Then off you go .. captain in command!!!

Again this place it is not only for adults.. if you have kids from the age of 5.. here would be the place to enjoy the time with them.. This could be a birthday present for your kid.. a little bit pricey but …im sure they will enjoy and have a blast!

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